How Do You Find the Time?

"How do you find the time?"

I get asked that question a lot and I really don't know the answer. I know that I just do the thing that I get enjoyment from and the things that need to be done.

A single parent, a working professional, someone who loves to read, knit, craft and create, someone who is working really hard to create a good life for herself and her kids. I know I'm not the only one out there, and I enjoy reading the blogs of others, so I thought, "well, why not?" So here we go!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Meal Planning, February 13 - 19

Last week was a huge success as far as meal planning and I'm definitely doing it again this week. 

So here it is:

Sunday:   Tacos with Buffalo meat - OMG they were wonderful!  
Monday:  Crock PotChicken Cacciatore – use leftover marinara sauce
Tuesday:   Gym night – leftover tacos, whatever is in fridge
Wednesday:  Gym night - Chili - made on Sunday
Thursday: Board dinner – leftovers for kids
Friday: - Work day – home early - gym - Crock pot sausage soup
Saturday:  Use up what's in fridge


  1. Your blog is so cute! I especially love your meal planning! Thank you for sharing with us on six sister's stuff! We hope to see you next Saturday!
    -The Sisters

    1. Thank you so much for the comment! I have to say that I LOVE your blog. You have phenomenal recipes and I have marked a lot of things to cook! I'll definitely be back!