How Do You Find the Time?

"How do you find the time?"

I get asked that question a lot and I really don't know the answer. I know that I just do the thing that I get enjoyment from and the things that need to be done.

A single parent, a working professional, someone who loves to read, knit, craft and create, someone who is working really hard to create a good life for herself and her kids. I know I'm not the only one out there, and I enjoy reading the blogs of others, so I thought, "well, why not?" So here we go!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Meal Planning, February 6 - 12

Life is very busy for us, so I am finding that when I have a plan for meals for the week, it makes things so much easier for all of us.

So for this week, February 6 - 12,  here is the plan:

Breakfasts:    I always have oatmeal with apples, cinnamon and flax seed and either a hard-boiled egg or a piece of string cheese.    The boys find their own breakfast.  (Yes, I know, I will NOT be winning the super mom award.)

Lunches:    I always have a BAS (Big A** Salad) with some protein, which sometimes is what we had for dinner the previous night.    The  boys usually have a sandwich, some fruit and something else.    I think I will make some egg salad with the HB eggs that are in the refrigerator.  Maybe I'll make cookies tonight too...

Monday:   Slow Cooker Honey Parmesan Pork from here.   I'll cook some orzo pasta and we will either have steamed or fresh veggies with it.   ****Edited to add what we actually had:    This recipe instead of the first as I was out of Parmesan cheese.   
Tuesday:  (Gym night)   Leftovers?  Get meatloaf out of freezer
Wednesday:  Meatloaf (from freezer), potatoes, salad or steamed veggies. Check status of leftovers for Thursday - get turkey bacon out of freezer
Thursday:   (Gym night)   Leftovers or breakfast (turkey bacon and eggs) - Cook rice for Friday, get chicken thighs out of freezer to thaw
Friday:  Easy Chicken Curry from here.   Rice, cooked on Thursday, salad.     Use frozen chicken thighs.
Saturday:    Bake Rye bread, cook big pot of beans in crock pot
Sunday:   Chili 

Shopping List:
Clementines (if on sale)
Lunchmeat for lunches for boys

**I'm sharing this blog on Menu Plan Monday at this blog:

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